Cisco’s Canadian operations hitting above their weight

Nitin Kawale Systems’ Canadian operations are outperforming.

At the company’s recent in New Orleans, Cisco Canada president told Canadian partners that the company’s Canadian operations are the third biggest contributor to the company’s revenues – not bad for a country that ranks far from third in populace or economy size. caught up with Kawale to chat about this performance in the year-to-date, as well as take a look at the role the company’s partners play in one of the biggest challenges Kawale sees facing the nation – the need for leaps forward in , particularly in the segment.

Check out the first part of our video interview after the jump.


In part two of our video interview, Kawale addresses some of the company’s current hotspots (its explosive growth in the data centre market) and challenges (lackluster growth in some of its core networking segments) as they pertain to the Canadian market.

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