QuickVid: Juniper targets channel for drive at Cisco’s core

is a puzzling place right now, but all signs point to channel opportunity.

Longtime market dominator has shown signs of losing its edge in some parts of its game, leaving it to re-focus on what really matters to it. Meanwhile, both longtime competitors like Juniper Networks and new powerhouses like gain — or seek to gain — share on ’s incumbency. But that’s not necessarily easy to do: while HP has gained market share, Juniper’s results have seen it struggling along with its competitor.

What’s Juniper’s strategy to get things rocking again and cash in on Cisco’s moment of weakness? ChannelBuzz.ca caught up with , vice president of product line management for edge and aggregation at Juniper, to discuss the company’s plans to build both its core networking business and its core networking channel, VAR/service provider convergence, and much more.


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