Taking Measure of Channel Conflict

RulersThe channel was built on the notion that vendors would go to market, in large part, through their reseller partners. That doesn’t mean vendors stop selling directly to customers, which is the reason not a day goes by without a solution provider discovering it lost a deal to its vendor.

Sales conflict and competition between direct and indirect organizations are facts of life in the channel. The level of conflict ebbs and flows, as vendors try to mitigate clashes and compromises between their direct sales and partners. Unfortunately, the programs, processes and tools used to manage conflict aren’t always effective.

is conducting its 2nd annual , a project to measure the state of , the effectiveness of best practices and tools, and the overall game plans of different vendors in balancing direct and indirect sales.

We invite solution providers to participate by taking our : CLICK HERE FOR THE SURVEY.

Participation in the 2112 Channel Conflict study will quantify the level of conflict in the channel, provide insights into conflict causes and effects, and develop best practices for keeping conflict to a minimum. All registered participants will receive a summary of the study findings and be entered into a drawing for an Apple Inc. iPad Mini.

Please help us measure channel conflict by taking the survey today: CLICK HERE TO BEGIN.

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