ESET releases new SOHO security SKUs

These solutions are sold only through solution providers, not retail, and are expected to appeal to very large partners like , and very small partners and consultants who work the SOHO market.


, Channel Manager Strategic Accounts, North America


Slovakian-based software maker ESET has announced two new solutions for the Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) market: ESET Multi-Device Home Office and ESET Small Office .

ESET has been in business since 1992, and while they have been selling both their consumer and commercial lines in North America since 2000, they have recently ramped up their North American sales efforts. Two months ago, they signed their first distribution deal in North America, enlisting as their distributor for the U.S. Previously they had dealt directly with their partners in the U.S. and Canada.

“It’s a dramatic change for us, even though we are still in still in the transition phase,” said Bill Mylchreest, ESET Channel Manager Strategic Accounts, ESET North America. “It has certainly met our expectations, even though we have just scratched the surface so far.” At present, the deal only impacts the U.S., but Mylchreest said they are looking into the possibility of doing something in Canada with distribution as well.

The two new offerings do not involve new technology or features, but are bundles specifically designed and priced for very small businesses.

“We’ve had small business bundles before, but these are solely bundled at the SOHO market and make it easier for them to buy something which doesn’t ask them to pay for something they don’t need,” Mylchreest said. “The price point is perfect for the SOHO.”

ESET Multi-Device Security Home Office is available in two configurations: 3+3 and 5+5. The 3+3 option covers 3 PC and Mac computers and 3 Android and tablets for $USD 84.95. The 5+5 configuration covers up to 5 PC and Mac computers and 5 Android and tablets for $USD 99.95.

ESET Small Office Security provides endpoint protection for Windows, Mac and Android, a Remote Manager and File Security. It comes in three options. Option 1 is protection for five endpoints, five mobile devices, one file server and one remote administrator. Option 2 covers protection for ten endpoints, five mobile devices, one file server and one remote administrator. And Option 3 protects fifteen endpoints, five mobile devices, one file server and one remote administrator.

Many SOHO customers buy their IT solutions in retail stores, but they won’t be buying these SKUs there, as they won’t be available to ESET’s retail channel. At the same time, ESET is well aware that few national or regional VARs make a point of chasing after SOHO business, because it’s not a cost-effective use of their resources in most cases.

“We see this as appealing to the very high and very low ends of the solution provider market,” Mylchreest said. “It will be offered to CDW and and accounts of that nature. It should also be popular among smaller consultants and local business consultants who work the SOHO market, because while each customer is small, it is also a very fast growing segment.”

These new solutions are available now.

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