Dell unveils new bonuses for Dell security partners, event attendees

is offering the 700 plus elite partners at the event a 50 per cent limited time discount on select products, as well offering all Dell an enhanced rebate bonus on volume.

Marvin Blough Headshot 300

, executive director of channels and alliances, Dell Software Group

LAS VEGAS – Today at the Dell Security Peak Performance conference in Las Vegas, the opening keynote highlighted offers specifically to reward partners, both those who specifically attended the event as well as security partners more broadly.

The Peak event had been a staple in the days, but Dell cancelled it after the acquisition in what former boss and Dell Security chief Matt Medeiros acknowledged had been a mistake, at last year’s rebirth of the event. Last year’s event was a success, with slightly over 600 partners in attendance. This year’s attendance was up again.

“This year, we had 675 partners register for the event, and 705 showed up,” said Marvin Blough, executive director of channels and alliances, Dell Software Group. Blough said he didn’t know who the extras are, or if they even know what a firewall is, but they are here.

Blough also emphasized that it has been a record-setting year on the SonicWALL front.

“We don’t disclose our revenues any more, but I will tell you this, I feel a lot better than I have in a long time when it comes to our sales growth,” Blough told the attendees. Curtis Hutcheson, vice president and GM of Dell Security Solutions, who replaced Medeiros early this year after Matt completed the three years he was contractually required to stay with Dell to see a smooth transition before retiring to his winery business, subsequently confirmed that Dell Security just came off an all-time record Q2.

Since last year’s event, 12,000 partners sold SonicWALL products. The number of SonicWall deal registrations increased by 7 per cent to over 4,100 per quarter, while the number of partners submitting deal registrations rose by 12 per cent to 1,300 per quarter. In addition, 320 partners earned the network security competency, bringing the total number of Preferred and Premier level partners to 1,500.

Blough said that the elite partners who attended the Peak event last year saw a 40 per cent year-over-year growth in this business. To reward the event’s attendees for their achievements and time investment in being at the event, Dell announced two exclusive offers for them. The first is for a 50 per cent instant rebate on select Dell SonicWALL TZ and NSA appliances, while supplies last.

“This Peak exclusive is just for you – these 705 individuals have exclusivity,” said Chris Szarlacki, Director Channel Marketing at Dell SonicWALL. “There is a maximum of 10 per person, they have to be acquired through our key distribution partners, and there is limited supply, so jump on it tonight.”

The key distributors are Ingram Micro, Securematics, Tech Data, D&H Distributing, and SYNNEX. The rebate is available from September 1 through September 11 with key distributors Ingram Micro, Securematics, Tech Data, D&H Distributing, and SYNNEX.

The second offer is for ALL registered security partners, and replicates an offer made after last year’s Peak event. Partners need to hit the original Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 goals and if they do and then hit the minimum growth Tiers quarter over quarter, they will get the additional bonus

“We are offering a Double Down Security Certified Volume Incentive Rebate,” Szarlacki said.

Both premier and preferred partners will get enhanced rebates. The Premier are Stacked on top of the 2 per cent Premier Baseline Rebate, and have a minimum threshold of $25K for 2 per cent, with stretch goals up to 4 per cent. The Preferred bonuses have a minimum threshold of $15K for 2 per cent, with stretch goals up to 4 per cent.

The Premier bonuses in the 15-25% growth tier are a 1 per cent bonus, for a total of 5 per cent. The 25-50% Tier has a 3 per cent bonus, for a total of 8 per cent. The 50 per cent plus tier has a 5 per cent bonus, raising the total to 11 per cent. On the Preferred Side, 15-25% get a 1 per cent bonus for 3 per cent total, 25-50% get a 3 per cent bonus, up to 6 per cent, and 50% plus goes up 5 per cent to 9 per cent total.

Thus, a Premier partner with $250,000 in sales in Q2 and $375,000 in Q3 would see get an 11 per cent bonus, or $41,250. A Preferred partner who goes from $50,000 to $75,000 over the same period will get an additional $6,750.

“If you crush it, we will continue this through 2016,” Szarlacki said.

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