Video: Gerrie Electric on the IoT industrial revolution

Adoption of technology in has historically been slow, but the is changing that. Already, IoT is making a profound impact on this key industry.

Our video spotlights Canada’s Gerrie Electric, a family-run electrical distributor established in 1957. Based in Burlington, Ontario, the company has expanded from two employees since its inception to over 350 in 24 locations today.

Gerrie senior executives share their insights on why IoT is the next industrial revolution and how they are evolving with it. The company partnered with and to develop a strategy that makes IoT and all its possibilities crystal clear to end-user customers.

The video also shows how partners can meet challenges in adopting the connected enterprise and IoT on both the sales and engineering sides, and how it translates to unprecedented mutual success with their customers.

(Editor’s note: This video is part of’s annual sponsorship program. Find out more here.)

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