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The rise of AI needs to be controlled, report warns

A new study takes a look at the potential security weakpoints that could emerge as AI continues to rise, if the industry doesn’t take the right steps to secure its creations.Much ink, digital and otherwise, has been spilled on the vast range of extraordinary opportunities enabled by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Now,…

IBM, Tech Data Canada talk plans for 2018 [video]

IBM Canada is looking to grow its channel in 2018, and it has a new value proposition for partners, and a new yet familiar partner to help make it happen. I recently sat down with Marshall St. Louis, leader of the systems group at IBM Canada, and Brian Aebig, vice president of sales for the…

Improving Time to Insight for Midsize Firms

Kevin Nicholas, VP of Enterprise Product Management and Marketing at Sage and Bill Tennant, VP of Sales at ZAP report on their work together to improve business insight for midsize enterprises by helping them manage their data