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Aruba enhances new Mobile First Architecture, and announces non-traditional partners around it

While the new partners in the ArubaEdge Technology Partner Program are decidedly non-traditional, Aruba also says they will open up new opportunities to traditional partners, in the same way the entry of voice-based telco partners in the early days of convergence created massive opportunities for the IT channel.

The rise of AI needs to be controlled, report warns

A new study takes a look at the potential security weakpoints that could emerge as AI continues to rise, if the industry doesn’t take the right steps to secure its creations.Much ink, digital and otherwise, has been spilled on the vast range of extraordinary opportunities enabled by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Now,…

Fortinet Security Fabric enhancements include first steps towards vision of intent-based network security

At their Fortinet Accelerate 2018 event in Las Vegas, Fortinet outlined their strategic vision to deal with the challenges of digital transformation, including rudimentary tagging which will – eventually – let customers set policies for new items on the network using business language.